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Our office will be closed from 3.00PM on Friday 23rd December 2016 until Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at 10.15AM.

If you have a non-urgent maintenance problem to report please click here

If you have a genuine emergency please call our emergency contractor WeFixNow on 020 3394 0980. Please use the password FIND456 when booking the service.

If WeFixNow are unable to assist you we would also recommend trying Aspect Maintenance on 0844 273 4952.

IMPORTANT: You may be liable for the emergency call out charge if you have not followed the advice on this page or given to you over the phone. In the case of a grey area, please email us on [email protected] and we will arrange a call out to look at the issue next working day.

Useful Phone Numbers
National Grid – 0800 111 999
Thames Water – 0845 9200 800
British Gas – 0845 600 6113
N Power – 0800 632 632
E.on – 0845 3033020