July 2012

Join most of London’s population, now living east of Blackfriars Bridge

The Evening Standard reports that the majority of the capital’s population now lives east of Blackfriars Bridge. This remarkable demographic shift to just beyond the Square Mile’s ancient walls is largely due to new transport links — the Jubilee line and the East London line extensions among them — that have combined with riverbank regeneration to revitalise City fringe districts, now bursting with dot.commerce businesses and new cultural and leisure attractions.

Truman Brewery Brick Lane

Truman Brewery Brick Lane

London: The world’s most international city

The Econmist this week has a special report on London. This is London’s year. London has resisted Britain’s relative decline. Globalisation is distilled and concentrated in London, making it the world’s most international city. New York has as many foreign-born people as London—a bit more than a third—but its businesses look to America, whereas London’s look out to the world. Read more here or watch the video.

Fascinating stuff.