May 2012

London Fields forever: street style from the hipster park

The London Evening Standard reports from the fringes of the park-cum-outdoor catwalk that is London Fields. Unfortunately nobody from Team Findlay caught the photographers eye.

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IMF calls on Bank of England to cut rates – FT

From the FT: The International Monetary Fund has called on the Bank of England to cut interest rates and resume printing money to boost demand in the economy. It has also asked the UK government to prepare a Plan B for deficit reduction if these measures do not work.

In a tough assessment of the UK’s economic prospects, the fund said the economy had not responded as it had hoped and risks of continued stagnation were high.

It said “further monetary easing is required” and should happen with more quantitative easing and a cut in the 0.5 per cent interest rate.

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NYT: Olympic Park Legacy

The New York Times reports today on the effect the Olympic Park will have on London:

The London Games, although lacking in geopolitical oomph, do have a big-ticket project: The Olympic Park in Stratford, a massive, multibillion exercise in urban renewal that will, at least for 17 days in July and August, shift London’s traditionally west-leaning axis to the east as tourists and Londoners alike disembark from tube and train among other transport options…

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BBC: Landlords ‘evicting tenants’ to make Olympic profit

The Today programme on BBC Radio 4 reports that tenants in east London are being evicted from their homes as landlords attempt to cash in on the Olympics.

The National Landlords Association has condemned the practice, saying it is more beneficial to landlords to have a good, long-term tenant in their property.

36 Hours in East London

The influential New York Times travel section has published a guide on how to spend 36 hours in East London. Click the photo to go to the article…

NY Times Travel - 36 hours in East London

NY Times Travel - 36 hours in East London