June 2012

Majority of London’s renters say they’ll never own their own home

A majority of Londoners who rent their home say they have been priced out of property ownership forever.

London Councils, which represents all local authorities in London, commissioned Ipsos MORI to survey Londoners on the capital’s housing stock and market.

The poll found that six in ten renters and half of all private sector renters do not expect to ever be able to buy their own home.

London becomes a city of renters – Evening Standard

The London Evening Standard reports that thousands of new homes for rent are being built in London aimed at young people who have made a lifestyle choice to be tenants, says David Spittles

London’s resurgent rentals sector is leading a nationwide boom in private lettings that will change the face of the property market over the next decade.

Private renting now accounts for 27 per cent of all homes in the capital and has overtaken social renting, which accounts for 24 per cent.