Step 1 – Put in an offer / offer accepted:

Fill out the Findlay application form and send it to your Negotiator.

The offer must contain; address of the property, proposed tenancy start date, property rent per month and any requests (e.g. remove a sofa), information regarding you; your name, email address, phone number, nationality, age and information regarding your employment.

Your Negotiator will then let you know whether or not the Landlord has accepted the offer.

If your offer is accepted – SUPER!

If not, it could be because the proposed move in date is too late, the rent you offer is too low, another party have put in a higher offer, the Landlord can’t remove the furniture you want to be removed, etc.


Once your offer has been accepted by the Landlord, we will request a Holding Deposit (one weeks rent) to take the property off the market, and then we will start the referencing process.

Once you have transferred the Holding Deposit to Findlay Property, please make sure to send the proof of transfer so we can to start the application process. A screenshot of the online payment is normally sufficient.

In the event your application is not successful the reservation fee will be refunded in full. In the event that you decide not to proceed with the tenancy prior to signing the contract the Holding Deposit will not be refunded.

Step 3 – Preliminary Agreement:

Once the proof of transfer of your Holding Deposit has been sent through, we will provide the following documents:

  • Your preliminary agreement
  • Tenancy agreement template (the final one will be issued at the end of the all process)
  • TDS prescription information
  • Maintenance Guide and Tenants responsibilities
  • How to rent UK guide

Make sure to read and understand all information provided to you at this step before moving to

If you have any questions please email your Negotiator.

Step 4 – Referencing Process:

You will receive an email from, with your reference number and a form to fill out, please follow prompts, and keep Findlay Property updated.

A variety of factors can occur with referencing ranging from failed credit score, to “your landlord is not answering” etc…So please make sure to contact rent4sure every day to follow up your application.

*The process takes between 2 to 4days and you can contact on 0330 088 3774.

Step 5 – Right to rent Check:

From 1 February 2016, all private landlords in England will have to make right to rent checks. This means checking that tenants have the right to be in the UK. 

So please note that before your move in date, you will have to come at the agency to show the original document(s) showing that you have the right to be in the UK.

Acceptable documents include:

UK passport

EEA passport or identity card

Permanent residence card or travel document showing indefinite leave to remain

Home Office immigration status document

Certificate of registration or naturalisation as a British citizen

The agency is open from Monday to Saturday and the opening hours are 9:30am to 5:30pm on Week days, and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays

Step 6 – Book check-in report:

The check-in report will be performed by a 3rd party Inventory Company on the same day your contract starts. The check-in has to be booked by Findlay Property.

Very important – You SHOULD to be present during the check-in TO POINT OUT ANYTHING TO THE CLERK
YOU WILL NEED TO show your ID or PASSPORT TO THE INVENTORY CLERK otherwise THEY are not allowed to HAND OVER the keys.

Please make sure you have confirmed your check-in appointment time before booking a company to help move in.

Step 7 – Remaining money:

We require the balance to be paid once the credit and reference checks are complete (first month rent + 5 weeks deposit – holding deposit)

Once the balance due transferred, please send us copy / proof of the transfer. A screenshot should be sufficient.

Step 8 – Tenancy Agreement:

Once the proof of transfer has been sent to us, you should receive your tenancy agreement to be signed online via docusign.

Make sure to double check: your name(s), the commencing / expiring date of the contract, the break clause, the rent and the deposit. Once you are happy you can sign.

You can review our Tenancy Agreement here

Step 9 – Tenancy Deposit Scheme:

You will receive your Tenancy Deposit Scheme Certificate, and the TDS form to fill out and return.

Since April 2007, all assured shorthold tenancy deposits received by landlords and letting agents must be protected by a Government-authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme.

This means that your deposit is registered with the TDS –– for the duration of the tenancy.

A detailed inventory is conducted at the start of your tenancy and a detailed check out is conducted at the end of your tenancy, both by a third party inventory company. Your deposit will be returned once you, the Landlord and Findlay Property have agreed how it should be repaid. If there is any dispute it is referred to the TDS.

Step 10 – Move in date:

As you settle into your new home you may find small problems that we have missed. Remain calm! Simply note down any problems you encounter and log them through the maintenance system on the tenant section of our website and we will get them actioned for you.