This covers the return of keys, deposit, and other information to help you move forward. We will return the deposit after checking the property within ten working days of the departure date in line with UK Government guidance (but typically sooner).

Below please find our standard departure guidelines – basically, the contract spelt out.

I recommend immediately

1. Printing it

2. Inspecting the property in detail with reference to it, pen in hand

3. Compiling a job list in preparation for the hand-over

It’s the kind of thing that’s easy if you spend a few minutes on it each evening, but an impossible chore if you leave it all until the hand-over date.

Once you’ve handed the property over, we don’t allow return visits and do charge for outstanding items, so please run any concerns (ie – damage or blemishes you may be held accountable for) past us while we still have time to take a view –

*Important information regarding the hand-over:

This document provides guidelines in order that there are no misunderstandings regarding the departure from the property and your responsibilities.

Please make sure that all your keys are returned to our office on 73 Broadway Market by midday of your move out date:


We will be doing an inspection after you have moved out and returned the keys to establish what kind of condition the property has been left in. We take a detailed digital inventory prior to every tenancy so naturally any damage to the property will have to be repaired. If the presentation and cleanliness of the property has to be corrected then we will be instructing our cleaners and tradesmen accordingly. We would much prefer if it doesn’t come to this and that you leave the property clean and tidy. However if it does go the other way we will be contacting the TDS – to make a claim against your deposit.

  • All windows must be cleaned on the inside and interior window frames and ledges must be wiped clean throughout
  • Ceilings and walls must be cobweb free.
  • All washable wall surfaces to be washed down an left dust, dirt and stain free.
  • Skirting boards to be washed over and dust free
  • Floors- to be washed and vacuumed throughout and the carpets to be professionally cleaned, if stained. Kitchen and bathrooms floors washed.
  • All wooden furniture to be dust free and polished, if required.
  • Cooker to be cleaned thoroughly with an appropriate oven cleaner, do not forget the shelves in the oven, the glass door, grill pan and oven trays.
  • Microwave, if applicable, to be cleaned on inside and outside.
  • Refrigerators and freezers should be defrosted and wiped out.
  • Bath, wc’s, shower screens, wash hand basins and kitchen sinks must be cleaned
  • Insides the cupboards and drawers must be cleaned.
  • Washing machine/ dish washer- soap dispenser must be washed and the filter cleaned.
  • All lampshades to be dust free and light bulbs replaced where necessary.
  • Vacuum cleaner bags to be emptied and filters cleaned.
  • All rubbish/food, unwanted items of furniture/belongings, must be removed from the property/patio and placed in the dustbin provided for collection. If this is not carried out charges may be incurred for the cleaning of rubbish after the tenancy has ended.
  • Arrangements should be made for Post to be redirected /forwarded automatically as neither Findlay Property , the landlord or the new occupants will be responsible for the re-direction of post.
  • Forwarding address must be provided
  • Standing orders should be cancelled. A charge will be made of £25.00 for the return of any overpaid monies due to non- cancellation.

If you get the place to a satisfactory level then there will be no necessity for us to send a tradesman in to repair any damage.

Likewise with the cleaning of the property. If you clean the property properly then you will not incur a charge of professional cleaners.

If the carpets are stained then we will have to have them professionally cleaned.


All keys and fobs must be returned by midday of your move out date

The deposit will not be returned until all keys are returned.

Possessions / Inventory

You are required to remove all possessions

Please do not dump belongings in the court yard, the corridor or in the property itself. This does not constitute removing your possessions from the property. We will have to have any dumped items removed and the cost deducted from your deposit.

Utility Bills / Council Tax

Inform us with who supplied your GAS, ELECTRICITY, WATER and COUNCIL TAX?

Please take accurate meter readings and send these to us as a reply to this email so we all have a record of them

Please pay your water rates.

Please pay your council tax and inform the council of your departure.

Can we also have a forwarding address for each of you for your mail. Otherwise we will repost with return to sender as it is not our responsibility to manage these on your behalf.

Contract / Responsibility

You are jointly liable for the condition of the entire property. If only one person is responsible for leaving their room in a state or with broken furniture, the amount is deducted from the entire deposit. So it’s in your best interests to encourage each other to return the property in the correct condition.

Also I would like you to forward me account details for ONE account (account number and sort code) so that we can immediately return your deposit if everything is satisfactory.

Again, please remember that if you tackle the items I have pointed out and leave the property in suitable condition we will be delighted to return your deposit. That is our intention.

If you have any further questions, queries, or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.