London, a city that has found strength in flux…

The New York Times today reports on the 300,000 Parisians who have moved across the Channel to Paris-on-Thames, aka London. They come in search of jobs and the global swirl: that raucous mix of innovation and grunge missing in a too-perfect Paris.

A new lycée, a new radio station (French Radio London) and a new electoral constituency all testify to the exodus, as did the appearance in London last week of the French Socialist candidate François Hollande.

More than 300,000 French now live in London, making it the sixth-largest French city. Most are under 40. They learn English and they learn that globalization is not merely the catalogue of woes so laboriously laid out by the French left over the past couple of decades.

Click to go to NYT story by Roger Cohen

Click to go to NYT story by Roger Cohen

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