Tenants have a responsibility to co-operate with the provisions in place for the storage and collection of refuse and recyclable materials. They must also ensure rubbish and recycling is placed in appropriate containers and placed at the correct location on the right day.

Many areas now operate wheelie bin recycling schemes. For more information or to try and request this change in your street, call your local council.

If refuse is allowed to accumulate at front forecourts or rear yards/gardens, or is found to be dumped in the street, action may be taken against tenants by the Council. Such action could include prosecution in the Magistrates Court.

If you require more information on refuse and/or recycling collection, including bulky household waste, please contact your local council.

  • Green recycling bag collections will be weekly (paper, plastic cans glass etc)
  • Food waste collections will be weekly (in a separate kerbside food waste caddy)
  • Garden waste collections will be fortnightly
  • Black bin collections or if in a bag area, black bag collections will be fortnightly