If you have no power call your electricity provider to make sure this is not because of a general power cut or unpaid bills.

If the loss of power is not due to one of these reasons you must contact us by telephone.

Office hours: 020 7254 9444

If you have an out of hours Electrical emergency please call 07716 562309.

If the power has gone off to your plugs or lights in part of your house or flat – or the whole property – then you will need to check the following steps before calling Findlay Property or an emergency electrician;

  • Check no isolator swtich has been turned off by accident
  • Turn off the appliances and lights in the affected part of the house, otherwise the electrics could just keep tripping.
  • Locate your fuse box – this could be in the basement, close to the front door or in a cupboard in the front bedroom or lounge. This isn’t an exhaustive list – you may need to have a look around.
  • Check all of the circuit breakers are in the ON position. If they aren’t, turn them all the way off and then ON.
  • Wait 20 seconds to check the circuit breaker doesn’t trip again. If it does, you probably haven’t unplugged the faulty item, so check again.
  • If the circuit breaker doesn’t trip, you can turn on one item at a time. If the circuit breaker trips as you turn an item on, then it is likely that this one is causing the fault. Leave this item off.
  • If the circuit breaker keeps tripping and you are sure you have unplugged all appliances, you will need an electrician. If it is your appliance causing the fault, you will be responsible for fixing or disposing of it

If you are unsure how to check your fuse box, click to view this video

Please note you may be liable for any call out charge if the problem turns out to be user error.