This will only apply if you have a gas central heating system, and should help your radiators increase their heat output if the top of the radiator feels cold, and the bottom feels warm.

  • Before you follow these stages, check the thermostatic valves on the radiators to control the heat are adjusted correctly!
  • Turn the central heating system off or you could make the problem worse!
  • You will need a radiator bleed key or a screwdriver (depending on the type of the radiator) – these can be purchased cheaply from a hardware store such as B&Q
  • Have an old rag ready as water will come out of the radiator
  • Turn the key/screwdriver counter clockwise slowly, only 1/4 or 1/2 a turn is necessary
  • You should hear air leaving the radiator and continue to let the air out until water is released from the radiator
  • Close the valve fully
  • Check the pressure on your boiler as the pressure may have reduced in the boiler by following these steps
  • If your radiator still isn’t working properly then please contact Findlay Property.