If an appliance in your property isn’t working and was supplied as part of your tenancy, you will need to check the following;

  • Does another appliance work in this plug socket? If so, the appliance is faulty, as opposed to the power source.
  • If another appliance doesn’t work in this socket check the fuse board to see if electrics have tripped.
  • If the appliance appears faulty, you will need to check the fuse in the plug if it has one. If it needs changing, it is your responsibility to change it with a fuse of correct ampage.
  • If you have changed the fuse and checked you are using the appliance correctly, it is likely you will need a specialist contractor. Please contact Findlay Property during normal office hours.
  • If your boiler is not working it might be because the pressure is too low and your radiators may not all warm up. Follow this simple guide to enable you to refill your gas combi boiler